Attic black-figure amphora showing Herakles and gods of Olympos - ROM2018_16763_18


Attic black-figure amphora showing Herakles and gods of Olympos

Maker: Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with incised detail
Geography: Made in Athens, Greece; findspot unknown.
Date: about 520-510 BC
Period: Greek Archaic period
37.1 x 24.3 cm
Object number: 929.22.8
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece
DescriptionThis Athenian amphora (wine jar) is decorated in the black-figure technique. One side shows the Introduction of Herakles to Mount Olympos. Herakles, wearing his lion skin and carrying his club, stands behind a four-horse chariot which he is about to mount. The bearded charioteer may be his companion Iolaos. Beside the chariot stands Athena, wearing her helmet an carrying a spear, and Apollo playing the lyre (kithara). In front of the chariot sits Hermes holding his staff (caduceus). On the other side of the amphora, Dionysos sits on a folding stool holding a wine cup (kantharos) and wearing an ivy-wreath, surrounded by sprays of ivy. In front of him sits Hermes and behind him sits Athena, fully armed. On the underside of the amphora are painted graffiti marks.  Attributed to the Euphiletos Painter by Beazley.
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