Bust of the veiled head of a woman - ROM2011_11933_6


Bust of the veiled head of a woman

Geography: Said to have been found at the necropolis of Alexandria, Egypt
Date: about 117-138 AD
Period: Roman Imperial period, reign of Hadrian
31 x 22.3 x 25.8 cm
Object number: 935.64
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Imperial Roman portraiture, busts

Veiled Woman

The woman's eyes are incised, and paint would have been added to define the irises. Her hair style, waved at the front and with braids wrapped around the crown, is characteristic of the Hadrianic period.

Roman WorldEgypt
Object History: Purchased from A.B. Rouse, Kent, England. From the estate of Henry James Rouse. Said to have been found at the site of the Necropolis at Alexandria; with other Greek and Roman antiquities, it was acquired during the construction of Alexandria-Cairo railway.
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