Vase with New Year scenes - ROM2018_16144_49


Vase with New Year scenes

Medium:Porcelain painted with overglaze enamels
Geography: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, China
Period: Qing dynasty, 1644–1911, Jiaqing period, 1796–1820
Ht 24.2 x D. 13.6 cm
Object number: 911.8.194
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. H.D. Warren
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This vase and object ROM 998.33.5 (a woodblock print) share similar pictorial renderings in their depiction of boys. For example, the main characters are dressed in typical taizi fu 太子服, or the prince's costume with a crown. Two of them hold a halberd (battle ax) (ji 戟), which is a pun for ji 吉, or auspicious.

Publication: Wen-Chien Cheng, and Yanwen Jiang. Gods in my home: Chinese ancestor portraits and popular prints (Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, 2019), 11.

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