Tapestry band from the sleeve of a tunic - ROM2011_11818_7


Tapestry band from the sleeve of a tunic

Maker: Coptic
Medium:Tapestry in multicoloured wool and undyed linen
Geography: Egypt
Date: 6th-7th century
Period: Early Byzantine
28.6 x 10.8 cm
Object number: 910.128.25
Not on view
DescriptionThis colourful composition has a central band of nilotic motifs (stylized fish and water framed by lotus buds). The outer border, with a small-scale monochrome pattern repeat consisting of geometric and plant motifs arranged in a lozenge lattice framework, clearly shows the influence of 6th century drawloom-woven silks. The central portrait medallion features a princely figure wearing a helmet or crown, a red long-sleeved garment and purple mantle, and holding a blue shield with white bosses. He is also wearing the jewelled necklace and chest harness seen in Sasanian imperial portraits. Both factors help to date this piece to the 6th-7th century.
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