Mountain lion; cougar - ROM2004_941_1


Mountain lion; cougar

Geography: Canada, Alberta: Jasper National Park, Fiddle Creek Range
Date: Collected on February 28, 1936; acquired on March 9, 1936
length=68; width=30; height=20 inches
    • Attributes
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    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumChordata
    • ClassMammalia
    • OrderCarnivora
    • FamilyFelidae
    • GenusFelis
    • SpecificEpithetconcolor
    • Subspeciesmissaulensis
Object number: 3603090002
On view
DescriptionThe cougar is the largest member of the cat family in North America. It feeds on deer and medium-sized mammals. No longer found in eastern Canada, populations of the cougar are thriving in the Rockies. In the west, it has become an occasional predator of humans due to the increased cougar populations and exposure resulting from human activity in the wild.
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