Seated Buddha - ROM2007_9599_1


Seated Buddha

Maker: Unknown artist
Geography: Orissa, India
Date: 10th - 12th century AD
138.2 x 90.2 x 45 cm
Object number: 937.54
Not on view
DescriptionThis powerful sculpture depicts the Buddha at the moment of his Enlightenment. Having meditated for a long period of time, the Buddha reaches down to touch the ground, calling the Earth Goddess to witness his Enlighenment. This " Earth-Touching Gesture" is called "Bhumisparsa-mudra". Below the throne are the demons of Mara who tried to distract the Buddha from his Enlightenment but whom he overcame. The figure's strong, upright torso seems filled with yogic breath and his eyes are lowered as if in meditation.
South Asia
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