Tomb relief showing shop activity - ROM2014_14164_1


Tomb relief showing shop activity

Date: c. 200-300 AD
Period: Roman Imperial period
63.7 x 49 x 10.3 cm
Object number: 959.17.30
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: trade and commerce

Tomb Relief with Shopkeepers

Tomb reliefs of shopkeepers give us a glimpse into the lively retail trade of ancient Rome. The scene on this relief depicts a labourer arriving at a shopkeeper's store with a load of olives or dates carried on his back. On the right, the shopkeeper reaches out for his shipment, which will be poured into the modius on the floor for measuring. The large shipment will be broken down into smaller amounts and sold in the small jars depicted on the shelves in the upper right hand corner.

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