Disc, perhaps a shield boss with embossed lions - ROM2011_11878_5


Disc, perhaps a shield boss with embossed lions

Medium:Embossed bronze
Geography: Orvieto, Italy
Date: c. 650 BC
Period: Etruscan period
19.7 cm
Object number: 927.17.20
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: the struggle for Italy

Each Etruscan city had its own army and although they formed a loose alliance, they seldom fought together. By 700 to 600 BC, the Etruscans adopted the Greek method of fighting and organized their armies into phalanxes.

The infantry was divided into six classes according to wealth based on the amount of weaponry and armour a person could afford. For example, a soldier of the first class was armed with helmet, shield, greaves, cuirass, spear, and sword. The remaining classes were progressively lighter armed troops.

The primary weapons of the Etruscans were the javelin, the bow, and short straight-edged dagger for close fighting, and larged shields for phalanx formations. In addition to the armour they developed themselves, they adapted various designs of helmets, shields, and other military gear from the Greeks, Gauls, and Celts.

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