Attic black-figure 'eye cup' showing amazons fleeing - ROM2018_16778_46


Attic black-figure 'eye cup' showing amazons fleeing

Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with incised detail
Geography: Made in Athens, Greece; found in the Chiusi area, Etruria, Italy
Date: about 500-490 BC
Period: Greek Archaic period
8.6 x 19.8 cm
Object number: 941.24.2
Credit Line: Gift of Miss Amice Calverley
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

This Athenian wine cup (kylix) is called an 'eye cup' because of the large eyes painted on the outside. Between the huge eyes on each side is a female Amazon warrior wearing a helmet and carrying a round shield. Behind her are sprays of vine leaves. Outside the pair of eyes, beside the handles are a satyr and a maenad, followers of Dionysos. In the centre of the inside of the cup is a round bearded head of a gorgon (gorgoneion).

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