Thangka painting of Dhyani Buddha Mandala - ROM2009_10991_1


Thangka painting of Dhyani Buddha Mandala

Medium:Pigment on cotton, with silk hanging on wood
Geography: Tibet
Date: 19th century AD
142 x 74 cm
Object number: 910.45.1
Not on view
DescriptionIn Vajrayana Buddhism, the five Dhyani (wisedom) Buddhas represent the five qualities of the Buddha which include an all-accommodating nature, discriminating awareness, and a sense of equality. They each have an expansive number of associations both symbolic and spiritual which together constitute the Buddhist mind. In this work, the five Dhyani Buddhas are represented most prominently at the top seated cross-legged on lotus thrones floating on the clouds. Vairochana is depicted in the centre in white and is associated with the symbol of the wheel and the element of space. The others are: Ratnasambhava (south, yellow, jewel, earth); Amitabha (west, red, lotus, fire); Akshobhya (east, blue, vajra, air); Amoghasiddhi (north, green, double vajra, water). In this way, the mandala functions like a concept map, a tool for understanding and decoding the Buddhist Dharma (law).
South Asia
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