Etruscan pseudo red-figure beaked oinochoe with a draped figure - ROM2010_11485_32


Etruscan pseudo red-figure beaked oinochoe with a draped figure

Maker: Attributed to the Phantom Group
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with added paint
Geography: Made in Caere, Etruria, Italy; findspot unknown
Date: about 325-300 BC
Period: Etruscan Hellenistic period
27.6 x 12.8 cm
Object number: 920.72.9
Credit Line: Gift of Sigmund Samuel
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome - Bratty Exhibit of Etruria

This jug (oinochoe) is decorated with ivy and volute ornaments and a tall draped figure in silhouette, all in added cream paint.

This type of decoration is called pseudo red-figure because it was not created in the same way as actual red-figure pottery, where the red figures are left unpainted by a black slip and therefore show the background colouring of the clay. Here the whole red clay vase was painted in black gloss, then the red figure-decoration is added on top with coloured paint.


The group of Etruscan craftsmen known as the Phantom Group often painted cloaked figures with a background of ornamental plants.

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