Attic red-figure kylix with revellers from a drinking party - ROM2004_1115_1


Attic red-figure kylix with revellers from a drinking party

Maker: Attributed to Makron
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted
Geography: Made in Athens, Greece; findspot unknown
Date: about 480 BC
Period: Greek Early Classical period
11 x 37.3 x 28.7 cm
Object number: 919.5.21
Credit Line: Sigmund Samuel Collection
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Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

This Athenian drinking cup (kylix) is decorated in red-figure technique with scenes from a komos, a lively drunken procession of men which featured dancing, drinking and music.

On the outside of the cup is the whole procession. On one side three bearded men, naked except for cloaks and fillet-wreaths on their heads, dance to the music of an aulos (double-pipe) played by a draped female musician. A fourth clean-shaven youth holds a large skyphos (drinking cup) in his right hand, and a pair of krotala (percussion instruments) in his left. On the other side, three clean-shaven youths with cloaks and fillets, two of whom carry large skyphoi (drinking cups) and staffs, dance to the music of a lyre played by a bearded reveller.

In the round tondo in the interior of the cup is a youth, naked except for a cloak and fillet, who carries an oinochoe (jug) and wine-skin.

Beazley attributed this vase to the Athenian vase-painter Makron.

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Object History: Purchased by Sturge in Rome.
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