Desmostyle skeleton - ROM2007_9476_7


Desmostyle skeleton

Geography: Japan, Keton
length=232; width=128; height=147 cm
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomAnimalia
    • PhylumChordata
    • ClassMammalia
    • OrderDesmostylia
    • FamilyDesmostylidae
    • GenusDesmostylus
    • SpecificEpithethesperus
Object number: 41961
On view
DescriptionDesmostylus hesperus lived in the mid Miocene, 15 million years ago. It was a semi-aquatic marine mammal that likely dwelled in shallow waters. Resembling a hippopotamus, this extinct mammal had thick strong legs and an elongated jaw. There has been much debate as to the posture of this animal. The ROM's new mount follows the latest proposal, and is the first such cast to be mounted in this new posture.
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