Feather tunic - ROM2012_12853_1


Feather tunic

Maker: Perhaps Nasca culture
Medium:Cotton tabby with macaw feathers
Geography: South Coast, Peru
Date: 1000-1476 AD
Period: Late Intermediate Period, Pre-Columbian Andean
142 x 78 cm
Object number: 934.34.1
Credit Line: No Credit Line
Not on view
DescriptionThis tabard, or tunic, consists of rectangular cotton decorated with overlapping rows of feathers, sewn in strips which are in turn sewn on the fabric. For over 600 years, the arid and stable climactic conditions of coastal Peru preserved this feather tunicBird feathers were transported hundreds of kilometres from the Amazon over the Andes to coastal Peru, testifying to an extensive trade network in Pre-Columbian South America
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