Cronartium ribicola J.C. Fisch. - ROM2004_1055_4


Cronartium ribicola J.C. Fisch.

Geography: The Netherlands, Gelderland
Date: 1982-03-30
diameter=1-5 mm
    • Attributes
    • Objects
    • Taxonomy
    • KingdomFungi
    • PhylumBasidiomycota
    • ClassPucciniomycetes
    • OrderPucciniales
    • FamilyCronartiaceae
    • GenusCronartium
    • SpecificEpithetribicola
Object number: TRTC063997
On view
Gallery Location:Mycology Collections Room
DescriptionCronartium ribicola is a species of rust fungus that causes the disease white pine blister rust. Cronartium ribicola is native to China, and was subsequently introduced to North America.
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