Red-figure vase fragment with a woman's head - ROM2018_16203_2


Red-figure vase fragment with a woman's head

Medium:Earthenware with slip-painted decoration
Geography: Attica, Greece
Date: about 430-420 BC
Period: Greek Classical period
4.8 x 5.4 cm
Object number: 2001.80.17.2
Credit Line: From the Diniacopoulos Collection, Montreal. Gift of the ROM Foundation.
Not on view
DescriptionThe fragment preserves the veiled head of a woman in profile left. Her veil is embellished with 'x' marks, suggesting stars. She is also wearing a simple pendant earring. Her veiled head suggests she may be a bride at her wedding. The face was rendered with great sensitivity by the vase painter - recalling the idealized facial features of women on the Parthenon frieze and late 5th century Attic grave stele.    
Greek World
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