Tiraz textile fragment - ROM2014_13943_1


Tiraz textile fragment

Medium:Glazed cotton tabby with silk embroidery
Geography: Made in Iraq, used in Egypt
Date: early 10th century
Period: Abbasid Dynasty
34 x 55 cm; Mounted dimensions: L=43 x W=62.8 cm
Object number: 963.95.7
Not on view
DescriptionThe incomplete main inscription is in kufic. The elongated vertical letters create a pulsating rhythm. Many superfluous letters, such as the crescent-shaped tails below the script, make reading difficult. Inscription: In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. My succour is only with God; in Him I have put my trust, and to Him I turn, penitent (Qur’an ll:88); power and beatitude and piety. May God bless Muhammad ...the prophet [...] … God and grant peace […]God [...]. Near the left edge, a thick linen thread is drawn through, indicating that the fragment might have been part of a garment.
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