Man's dhodhot (wrapper) with design of garunda wings in landscape - ROM2008_9824_1


Man's dhodhot (wrapper) with design of garunda wings in landscape

Medium:Cotton tabby with batik design
Geography: Surakarta, Jawa Tengah (Central Java), Indonesia
Date: c. 1935 - 1945
369 x 245 cm
Object number: 982.275.2
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Margaret E. MacDonnell
Not on view
DescriptionThe dodot is a large ceremonial cloth of two loom widths that is dyed with a central lozenge reserve using stitch resist and batik. It is surrounded by dark borders with traditional representations of flowers and Garuda wings, both of which reflect the influence of Chinese and Indian trade. Remarkably, this appears as a repeat pattern, yet it is entirely hand-drawn in batik. The dodot is reserved for rulers, but may also be worn by brides, grooms and female court dancers. Men wear it draped in a variety of ways over knee length trousers, and women wrap it over the chest.
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