Orphrey band fragment wih Annunciation - ROM2009_10692_21


Orphrey band fragment wih Annunciation

Medium:Silk lampas with gold filé pattern weft
Geography: Florence, Italy
Date: mid-15th century
Period: Renaissance
15.5 x 29.8 cm
Object number: 925.22.198
Not on view
DescriptionThe Archangel Gabriel kneels before the seated Virgin Mary. Between them, on a tiled floor shown in perspective, is a lily symbolizing purity. Heavenly rays indicate the Divine presence and the moment of Incarnation. The scene is surmounted by Gothic arches and the distinctive Early Renaissance dome of the cathedral in Florence. A simple geometric border frames the scene, and the beginning of a second pattern repeat can be seen at the bottom. This was designed as a long, narrow ornamental band or border called an orphrey. Orphreys were used to decorate ecclesiastical vestments like the cope (a long, semicircular cloak-like garment worn by ecclesiastics in processions and on other ceremonial occasions). Many woven borders for ecclesiastical vestments were produced in Florence in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Biblical scenes depicted in these silks were based on designs by local artists like Pollaiuolo and Verrocchio which were disseminated as woodcut prints and used as pattern books for embroidered and woven textiles.
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