Length of striped floral silk - ROM2008_9758_17


Length of striped floral silk

Medium:Silk cannelé simpleté with liseré satin stripes, brocaded in silk floss, frisé and chenille
Geography: Spitalfields, England
Date: 1770s
Period: George III (r. 1760-1820)
153 x 50.4 cm
Object number: 969.288.2
Not on view
DescriptionThis cannelé simpleté has satin stripes self-patterned in liseré weft floats. The multicoloured silk brocading includes silk frisé and chenille threads. In the late 18th century, dress silks were characterized by small floral sprigs and meanders restrained by vertical stripes. Flowers are once again more generic, the colouration less naturalistic, and the shading simplified. Shading is often done in chenille brocading wefts, which gives a dark velvety effect. The stripes are fancy and are produced in a variety of weaves, which adds texture and interest.
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