Helmet - 948.1.274_1



Geography: Made in Birmingham, England, for the Egyptian army
Date: c. 1880
47 x 22 cm
Object number: 948.1.274
Credit Line: The Collection of the First Lord Kitchener
Not on view
DescriptionThis helmet was prevously from the collection of Lord Kitchener, the Commander of the Anglo-Egyptian army at the battle of Omdurman in 1898 during the Mahdist war in the Sudan. The ROM has an almost identical helmet (930.26.68) from the collection of Lord Grenfell, Commander of the Egyptian army at the Battle of Suakin in 1888 and Battle of Toski in 1889 in the same war. It is probable that both gentlemen acquired these helmets from fallen combatants of the opposing armies. However, originally they were made in about 1880 for the Egyptian army in Birmingham, England, based on an Ottoman Turko-Persian prototype. It is possible that the entire armored Egyptian force was lost in the Battle of Shaykan in 1883.
Islamic World
Object History: This object was part of the collection of the First Lord Kitchener, Horatio Herbert Kitchener, and was donated to the ROM by the Third Earl Kitchener, Henry Herbert Kitchener, in 1948. The First Lord Kitchener was a British Army officer who served in Egypt from 1883, becoming Sirdar (Commander in Chief) of the Egyptian army in 1892. He was active in the war against the Mahdists in Egypt and the Sudan, including leading the Egyptian cavalry at the Battle of Toski in 1889, and was commander of the invasion of Sudan 1896-1898. In 1898 he was involved in the Boer war in South Africa, then in 1902 he was made Commander in Chief of the army in India, and then Viceroy of India. The 765 objects from this donation primarily comprise weapons and other artefacts acquired in India of Indian and Persian origin, and objects acquired in Egypt or during his Sudanese campaigns.
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