Backstrap loom with unfinished textile - ROM2015_14449_19


Backstrap loom with unfinished textile

Maker: Cora culture
Medium:Wood with cotton and wool double weave
Geography: Jesús María, State of Nayarit, Mexico
Date: c. 1960
40 x 19 cm
Object number: 961.26.5.A
Credit Line: No credit line
Not on view

Backstrap weavers often start work at one end of the loom, then reverse it after completing a short section of cloth. This ensures that the width will be even throughout. To make a cloth panel with four selvages, as with this one, weavers use cords to attach the warp (vertical) threads to the loom's end bars.

The partly woven cloth has white cotton warp and brownish-black wool weft; finished and folded over, it might have formed a bag. The Cora specialize in double weaving. While one end displays framed 8-pointed stars, the other shows stylized floral motifs.

Loom parts, whittled from pieces of wood, include 2 end bars, the batten (sword), 3 heddle sticks with 5 shed sticks, a pick-up stick, and 2 shuttle sticks (bobbins) to carry both wefts. The weaver has woven a heading section, and then reversed the loom.

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