Bowl of African red slip ware - ROM2010_11670_37


Bowl of African red slip ware

Medium:African red slip ware, earthenware
Geography: Tunisia
Date: 120-180 AD
Period: Roman Imperial period
22.2 cm
Object number: 975.182
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Roman pottery
DescriptionAfrican red slip ware was manufactured in Africa Proconsularis (especially modern Tunsia) from about AD 50 to AD 650. Inspired by Arrentine and Samian wares, it is characterized by a fine orange-red slip over a smooth clay. Mould-made appliqué ornaments were added between AD 200 to 400; and from about AD 250 to 575, floral and figurative motifs were stamped into the moist clay before firing. By AD 250 it became the dominant table ware pottery used in the Roman world.
Roman World
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