Woman's semiformal dress - ROM2012_12736_2


Woman's semiformal dress

Medium:Woodblock-printed silk tabby
Geography: Dress made in Scotland, textile made in India
Date: 1800-1805
132 x 132 x 108 cm
Object number: 983.32.1
Credit Line: Gift of Horst Dantz
Not on view
DescriptionAt the end of the 18th century, fashionable women abandoned heavy silks, stiff corsets, and full skirts, in favour of a new Neoclassical elongated silhouette that loosely evoked ancient Greek and Roman statuary. The latest styles were made in light-weight textiles, muslin, linen or sheer silks, with small motifs, like this imported and hand-printed Indian silk. This simple dress is unembellished in order to foreground the important textile that is especially noticeable with its long train.
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