Woman's huipil (bodice) - ROM2014_14346_23


Woman's huipil (bodice)

Maker: Amuzgo culture
Medium:Brocaded cotton tabby embroidered in cross stitch
Geography: San Pedro Amuzgos, State of Oaxaca, Mexico
Date: 1964
78 x 87 cm
Object number: 986.206.11
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous support of Mrs. A. Murray Vaughan from the Doris Heyden Collection
Not on view

Huipiles incorporate three loom widths, and are worn hanging freely over a wrap-around skirt. The huipil is worn in an enormous number of indigenous communities, both coastal and highland, across Oaxaca and Guerrero. The Chinantec, Triqui, Mixtec, Tacuate, Zapotec, and Amuzgo are immensely skilled weavers. Although they share a range of designs that reflect their cultural heritage, each woman's work is unique and recognizable by her peers.

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