Boeotian black-figure 'Kabiros' kantharos with naked men dancing - ROM2018_16763_23


Boeotian black-figure 'Kabiros' kantharos with naked men dancing

Maker: Attributed to the Mystes Painter
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with incised detail
Geography: Made in Boeotia, Greece; findspot unknown
Date: about 400 BC
Period: Greek Classical period
15 x 26.3 x 18 cm
Object number: 968.181
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

This Boeotian wine cup (kantharos) shows two naked bearded men dancing to music played by a female flautist. One figure holds a cloak and a kantharos, and an aryballos (oil flask) hangs on th wall in front of him. The second man treads grapes and holds a grape vine. On the back is a frieze of vine leaves and bunches of grapes.

Many other examples of this type of vase, with similar decoration, have been found at the Kabireion Sanctuary to the west of Thebes (Boeotia). The sanctuary was dedicated to the mystery cult of the god Kabeirios and his son Pais, and seems to have been associated with rites of passage and wine celebrations. 

Although the findspot of this pot is not known, this type of vase was associated exclusively with the Kabireion Santuary, and it probably came from the area.

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