Votive effigy of a swaddled infant - ROM2010_11485_91


Votive effigy of a swaddled infant

Medium:Mould-made earthenware
Geography: Etruria, Italy
Date: about 300-200 BC
Period: Etruscan
45 x 12 cm
Object number: 918.6.2
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome - Bratty Exhibit of Etruria
DescriptionThe Etruscans dedicated many thousands of votive offerings in their temples and sanctuaries as a way of thanking or seeking help from particular patron deities. The most common types of offerings were terracotta heads, body parts, and swaddled infants. These were mostly mould-made from earthenware and mass-produced. Swaddled infants were given in the hopes of gaining fertility or in thanks for the birth of a child.
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