Attic black-figure cup showing chariots racing - ROM2013_13624_1


Attic black-figure cup showing chariots racing

Maker: Attributed to the Group of Toronto 289 as name-vase
Medium:Wheel-thrown earthenware, slip-painted with incised detail
Geography: Made in Athens, Greece; found in Athens
Date: about 555-540 BC
Period: Greek Archaic period
15.8 x 35.8 cm
Object number: 919.5.14
Credit Line: Sigmund Samuel Collection
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece
DescriptionThis Athenian wine cup (kylix or Droop cup) is finely decorated in black-figure technique. On each side of the exterior are two four-horse chariots steered by charioteers, wearing the typical long tunics and animal skins. The base of the foot of the cup is decorated with ivy leaves, which is extremely unusual. Beazley named the painters he called the Group of Toronto 289 after this cup.
Greek World
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