Figure of Apis in the stern of a boat - ROM2010_11689_22


Figure of Apis in the stern of a boat

Medium:Earthenware (terracotta), formed in a two-part mould, with traces of slip and paint
Geography: Found in Hertfordshire, England
Date: c. 100-300 AD
Period: Roman Imperial period
13.3 x 10 cm
Object number: 929.8.2
Credit Line: Gift of John Peat Young
On view
Gallery Location:Eaton Gallery of Rome: Britain and Ireland to the time of the Romans

Apis was the sacred bull deity of Memphis, Egypt. Here Apis is shown frontally, aboard a typical Egyptian boat constructed of papyrus, displaying the sun disk and plumes between his horns.

The people of Roman Britain worshipped a wide range of gods and goddesses, including Roman and native Celtic deities, as well as Romanized cults from elsewhere in the Empire.

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