Small-scale model of the statue of Athena Parthenos - ROM2004_1017_10


Small-scale model of the statue of Athena Parthenos

Medium:Painted plaster
Geography: Made in Toronto, Canada (copying a lost original from the Acropolis of Athens, Greece)
Date: 1958-1962 (from a lost original of 438 BC)
Period: Modern
Object number: 962.228.16
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

The original huge statue of Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin) was created by the ancient sculptor Pheidais from ivory and gold (over a wooden core) in 438 BC. It was almost 40 feet tall and stood in the cella of the Parthenon temple on the Athenian Acropolis. The ancient Athena Parthenos was destroyed sometime after the 10th century A.D., but descriptions by some ancient authors as well as small scale replicas made in the Roman period provide clues as to its appearance. 

This plaster replica of the Athena Parthenos was made in the Royal Ontario Museum by artist Sylvia Hahn under guidance of the curator Neda Leipen. The replica was the very first accurate model made using all the ancient evidence, which had been comprehensively collected and analysed by Neda Leipen. The small-scale replica of the lost antiquity was produced at the scale 1:10. The replica stands in a representation of the interior cella of the Parthenon and models of ancient Athenians were included to indicate its relative size.

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