Ribbed shield of Harlech type - 935.58_1


Ribbed shield of Harlech type

Medium:Forged bronze
Geography: Dredged from the River Lea near Ponders End, London, England
Date: c. 1250-975 BC
Period: Middle Bronze Age
70 cm, 2.75 kg
Object number: 935.58
Not on view
DescriptionThe lower two tabs on the back, the rivets, and rivet holes on either side are modern additions. Both handle and tab rivets have domed heads. The thickness of the sheet metal varies from 0.8mm to 1.0 mm, the diameter of the shield is 70.0 cm and the diameter of the central boss is 14.5 cm.  According to a letter from the source, Frank Corner, to Charles Currelly the shield was dredged from the river Lea near Ponders End, it would appear that the damage was caused by the steam navvy used in the work.
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