Hanging ornament with seraphim (six-winged angels) - ROM2018_16298_8


Hanging ornament with seraphim (six-winged angels)

Medium:Ceramic (stonepaste, moulded), with chromium-black, manganese-purple, copper-green, and antimony(?)-yellow paints and lead-alkali glaze
Geography: Kutahya, Turkey
Date: 18th century AD
Period: Ottoman period
8.9 x 9 cm
Object number: 911.26.1
On view
Gallery Location:Wirth Gallery of the Middle East
DescriptionThese ceramic balls were used in the suspension chains of large hanging oil lamps especially used in churches. Mice are attracted to the oil, which would be edible olive oil, and so these ornaments act as mouse-baffles to stop them getting at the oil. Depicted on them are an interpretation of seraphim. Seraphim are described in the Book of Isaiah (6: 1-8) as flying over God's throne. Each had three pairs of wings, one pair covered their feet, one covered their faces, and by the third pair they remained aloft. Since mediaeval times seraphim have been depicted as a face surrounded by six wings in this manner.
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