Bi disc with a wood stand - ROM2016_14997_1


Bi disc with a wood stand

Medium:Worked and polished jade (nephrite)
Geography: Zhejiang; China
Date: 3rd millennium BC
Period: Neolithic Liangzhu Culture
Diameter 21 cm; Thickness 0.8 cm,overall height with the base 36 cm
Object number: 2012.71.1.1
Credit Line: Gift of Mr. Bernard Rasch
Not on view

Included in Wu Dacheng’s book gu yu tu kao published in 1889, this greenish blue jade disc shows black flecks on surface with covered predominantly with brownish patination due to the burying over thousands of years. Finely made, this large-then-average size for Liangzhu culture jade disc was used as ritual objects by Neolithic elits. The perforation was done bilaterally, with one side being drilled deep into 9/10 portion of the peroration, in order to meet the drilling easily from the other side. Surface polished but worn is a result of a long historic time of hand-handling of collecting and appreciation. The edge is not uniformly smoothed, and a portion of it were polished with glue to stabilize it on the wood stand which was probably made by Wu Dacheng, whose studio name ke zhai seal mark was carved on the stand. Further inscription on the stand identifies that it was first in the collection of Gu Zhijia (顾子嘉) of Nanxun (南浔) who presented this disc to Wu Dacheng in exchange of Wu’s bronze zhun vessel. The last owner of this disc before coming to the ROM possession was a Canadian Bernard Rasch.


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