Tiraz textile fragment - 984.81.1_1_20080122_DSCN9513


Tiraz textile fragment

Maker: Early Islamic
Medium:Silk lampas with gold pattern weft
Geography: Perhaps made in Granada, Spain
Date: 15th century
Period: Nasrid Dynasty
Object number: 984.81.1
Not on view
DescriptionSilk lampas with a red satin ground and pattern bound in tabby. Pattern largely in gold outlined in dark blue, with details in white and green. The red silk ground wefts and gold filé and dark blue silk pattern wefts are used throughout whereas the white and green silk pattern wefts are used only as necessary. The gold filé weft consists of a strip of gilt membrane (lamella) wound around a yellow silk core. The design repeat consists of vertical undulating plant scrolls inhabited by crowned rampant lions (incomplete) and crowned shields with the arms of the Nasrid dynasty of Granada. The cursive Arabic inscription on the shield has been translated by Donald King as "Glory to our Lord the Sultan" and Karl Otavsky as "Il n'y a pas d'autre vainqueur que Dieu."
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