Medallion with the head of Athena Parthenos - 962.263_1


Medallion with the head of Athena Parthenos

Medium:Earthenware with traces of gold gilding
Geography: Attributed to Attica, Greece
Date: Late 5th to early 4th century BC
0.5 x 4.2 cm
Object number: 962.263
Not on view
DescriptionThe slightly convex disc displays the head of the famous statue of Athena Parthenos by Pheidias in three-quarter view. Her elaborate triple crested helmet with cheek-pieces shows a row of five horse protomai consisting of heads and necks protruding above the brow-band. An owl sits on the edge of the right cheek-piece. She is wearing a necklace made up of three rows of beads and disc and pendant earrings. A winged Nike holding a fillet appears below earch ear.     
Greek World
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