Length of dress fabric - ROM2011_11769_11


Length of dress fabric

Medium:Silk brocaded lampas
Geography: France
Date: c. 1735
Period: Rococo
131 x 54.5 cm
Object number: 2009.125.10
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible by the generous support of the Louise Hawley Stone Charitable Trust.
Not on view
DescriptionThis Rococo silk illustrates the high point of naturalism in European silk weaving achieved c. 1735. It depicts large-scale flowers and fruit growing from a mound of earth. The motifs are meticulously shaded using colour hatching, a technique associated with Jean Revel (1684–1751), the greatest Lyonnais silk designer of his day. It produced a naturalistic three-dimensional effect more painterly than anything seen before in woven textiles. The technique of colour hatching uses wefts of one shade alternating with wefts of another to create optically an intermediate tone.
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