Carpet fragment - ROM2014_13919_2


Carpet fragment

Medium:Wool with knotted pile
Geography: Made in Spain; found in Fostat (Old Cairo), Egypt
Date: 11th century
Period: Fatimid Dynasty
0.3 x 8 x 7.8 cm
Object number: 981.218.3
Credit Line: Division of excavated material granted to the Royal Ontario Museum by the American Research Centre in Egypt, in appreciation of the contribution given to excavations conducted at Fustat, near Cairo, by George Scanlon.
Not on view
DescriptionWoolen carpet fragment found in the 1980 excavation season at Fostat (Old Cairo). Although tiny, this fragment is significant because it was woven in the single warp rug knot characteristic of Spain. Other fragments found at Fustat woven in the symmetrical knot technique show that rugs were also imported from West Asia (Iran, Iraq, or Armenia) during the Fatimid period. These were published by Louise W. Mackie in 1986 as “the earliest knotted pile pieces found in an Islamic country."
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