Length of figured silk - ROM2008_9759_10


Length of figured silk

Medium:Silk ciselé velvet
Geography: Italy
Date: early 17th century
Period: Baroque
43.2 x 21.9 cm
Object number: 909.16.3
Not on view

Ciselé velvet with design in cut and uncut golden brown pile on a pale yellow voided ground: the cut pile gives a deep and intense colour, while uncut pile seems lighter in tone even though there is only one single pile warp. Small-scale asymmetrical scattered design of diagonally set parallelograms and more ornate abstract motifs. Small pattern repeats became popular for clothing in the 17th century. In these, new colours such as olive green and mustard yellow became more frequent. Use of strong diagonals and curves, contrast of light against dark, mass against void are typically Baroque features.

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