Textile width - 909.16.18_1


Textile width

Medium:Silk ciselé velvet with gilt-silver voided ground
Geography: Perhaps made in Genoa, Italy
Date: mid 17th century
Period: Baroque
71 x 56.3 cm
Object number: 909.16.18
Not on view

This velvet shows the continuing influence of stately Renaissance silks with large-scale symmetrical floral scrolls, especially in furnishing fabrics. The variety of specific plant motifs (including tulips, ears of wheat, and berries) is indicative of a growing naturalism in figured silks that peaked in the early 18th century. The crown had decorative value and princely connotations but was not limited to royal use. Although much of the metal thread is missing, imagine the yellow ground of this silk covered with gilt-silver strips (lamella), and then consider the cost of covering walls and furniture in such an opulent textile!

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