Pendant ornaments from the neck of a tunic - ROM2011_11818_3


Pendant ornaments from the neck of a tunic

Maker: Coptic
Medium:Linen tabby with multicoloured wool and undyed linen tapestry inserts
Geography: Egypt
Date: 6th-7th century
Period: Early Byzantine
41.5 x 26 cm
Object number: 910.128.38
Not on view
DescriptionA very fancy tunic might have ornaments like these hanging from a neckband. The decoration features stylized birds, animals and plant motifs. In Persian art under the Sasanian dynasty (226–651 AD), jewelled collars and floating neck scarves on birds and animals were a sign of royal ownership. This iconography helps date it to the 6th–7th century, the period of greatest Sasanian influence. Similar pendant ornaments can be seen on the garment worn by the Byzantine emperor in an 8th century drawloom-woven silk made in Constantinople: Textile Museum, Lyon, 27386.
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