Woman's decorative apron - ROM2008_9916_1


Woman's decorative apron

Medium:Silk tabby embroidered in silk with silver gilt threads (filé and frisé)
Geography: England
Date: 1702 - 1714
Period: Anne (r. 1702-1707), Stuart Dynasty
46 x 101.5 cm
Object number: 920.36.1
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Short decorative aprons were costly accessories. Many were domestically embroidered and worn as clear displays of the needlework skills, taste and education of the wearer. The predominant use of multicoloured silks with a small amount of metallic thread was the type of embroidery often worked at home. The flowers represented here could well be those she cultivated in her garden or knew as wildflowers. Roses and poppies figure prominently in the center of each motif. They are surrounded by sprays of tulips, carnations, pansies, gentians, cornflowers, strawberries and bellflowers, with a single example of hop and clematis adding texture and colour. The design is worked in satin, chain, stem, speckling, French knot, long and short, double cross and cross, laid and couched work stitches.

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