Manuscript of "Akhlaq-i Muhsini" by Husayn Wa'iz Kashifi. - ROM2007_9108_1


Manuscript of "Akhlaq-i Muhsini" by Husayn Wa'iz Kashifi.

Medium:Paper, inscribed and painted
Geography: Iran, possibly Tabriz
Date: c. 1520 to 1530 AD
Period: Safavid Period
22.8 x 15 cm
Object number: 997.47.1
Credit Line: This acquisition was made possible with the generous assistance of the ROM Reproductions Fund of The Royal Ontario Museum Foundation.
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DescriptionThis manuscript contains the "Akhlaq-i Muhsini" by the Timurid author Husayn Wa'iz Kashifi. The text was composed about 1507 in Herat. The illustrations were most probably executed about 1520-1530 in Tabriz. At the same time, a dedication was added with the aim making the manuscript appear a late Timurid work.
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