Bust of Thucydides - ROM2007_9620_1


Bust of Thucydides

Geography: Italy
Date: about 2nd-1st century BC
Period: Roman Republican period
36.8 cm
Object number: 957.159
On view
Gallery Location:Gallery of Greece

Head of Thucydides

Marble. Portrait head of 4th century BC type. Front facing, with moustache and beard, short curly hair. The portrait is a copy, probably late Hellenistic, of a lost Greek work of the early 4th century BC. The Holkham Hall bust is another copy of the same original, probably Hadrianic. The bust protrays the famous Greek general and distinguished historian, Thucydides, who lives from about 460-400 BC. His detailed History of the Peloponnesian War has earned him a place among the fathers of the study of history.

Roman World
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