Dupatta (woman's shawl) - 971.166.75_1


Dupatta (woman's shawl)

Medium:Tie-dyed cotton tabby
Geography: Perhaps made in Jodphur, Rājasthān, India
Date: early 20th century
222 x 131 cm
Object number: 971.166.75
Credit Line: Gift of the Toronto Diocesan Anglican Church Women
Not on view

The shawl is made of saffron yellow dyed cotton tabby with tritik designs reserved in white on orange and black areas with accents of purple and green. The pattern consists of an eight-pointed star in the centre on a large square reserve with small roundels in corners. There are wide borders with various geometric designs at the ends and narrower borders at sides.

Besides circles, rectangular shapes can also be made through tie-dye, by folding the cloth before it is bound and immersed in the colourant. The design of this cloth from North India plays on four sizes of diamonds. The dyer tied over one thousand knots to create rows of tiny white diamonds; these outline the large central motif and decorate the four edges of the cloth with lines, zigzags, and fleur de lis shapes.

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