Woman's day dress - ROM2010_11671_15


Woman's day dress

Medium:Woodblock and engraved rollerprinted cotton tabby
Geography: Massachusetts, USA
Date: 1826-1834
129 x 110 cm
Object number: 975.241.18.A
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Henry P. Kendall
Not on view
DescriptionThe distinctive cut of the dress and the design of the printed textile is unique to the years around 1830. The bodice is not boned, but would have been worn over a corset to achieve a smooth fit and small waist. The interesting jig-saw and abstract floral printed textile was achieved by printing mordants with two engraved rollers, one red (madder) one black, then dyed in madder. It was then washed and finally surface-printed by hand with blocks for the blue, green, and possibly a yellow, which is now faded. The left sleeve was patched and mended with another textile, indicating that the dress was not only useful but still fashionable.
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