Lace cuff depicting Adam & Eve and unicorns - ROM2004_873_1


Lace cuff depicting Adam & Eve and unicorns

Medium:Linen needle lace
Geography: England
Date: 1630-1640
Period: Charles I (r. 1625-1649), Stuart Dynasty
34.2 x 11.2 cm
Object number: 911.2.242
Credit Line: Samuel Chick Collection, Gift of Mrs. H.D. Warren
Not on view
DescriptionLace can be made to any shape; this cuff, for example, was made to a width and length that complemented the fashionable sleeve of the time. It is made of needle lace: that is, it was constructed stitch-by-stitch with a needle and undyed linen thread. The cuff consists of three deep scallops, edged with smaller serrated scallops and picots (small projecting loops or tiny knobs). In the centre scallop are Adam and Eve with the serpent entwined around a fruit-bearing tree. In the scallops to either side are large Tudor roses flanked by unicorns.
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