Insignia for a censor's rank military official (xiezhi) - 950.100.46_1


Insignia for a censor's rank military official (xiezhi)

Medium:Silk, gold and silver tapestry (kesi) with some painted detail
Geography: China
Date: 1850-1899
Period: Qing Dynasty
29 x 30 cm
Object number: 950.100.46
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Sigmund Samuel
Not on view
DescriptionInsignia badge for the back of a man's pufu (overcoat): military rank of judges and censors, symbolized by the xiezhi, a mythical animal with dragon's head and lion's body. Silk and gold tapestry (kesi) with some painted detail. Left-facing animal with head turned right on mound above billows and li shui (deep water) waves containing buddhist symbols in gold and silver thread; blue clouds and bats and four other taoist symbols against blue-black ground. Tendril border in gold and silver on blue-black ground.
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