Textile for a wrapper - ROM2009_10974_1


Textile for a wrapper

Maker: Ewe culture
Medium:Cotton in warp-faced and weft-faced tabby weave
Geography: Ghana
Date: c. 1900
224 x 139 cm
Object number: L935.27.64
Not on view

Strips from the narrow-band loom are assembled into large rectangular cloths used as wrappers, turbans, palanquins, camel blankets, room dividers, or for ceremonial display. They are also tailored into shirts and caps. The strip construction may be obscured by covering the surface with tie-dyed or stenciled motifs. Or the construction may be emphasized by using strips of different colors to form stripes and checkerboards, as seen here. This wrapper is composed of 16 strips measuring 3.25 inches (8.25 centimetres) each. The blue and yellow strips are in warp-faced tabby while the checked red and white strips are in weft-faced tabby.

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