Tall-necked lamp with feline handle - ROM2014_14102_10


Tall-necked lamp with feline handle

Medium:Ceramic (earthenware, thrown, handle and spout modeled and attached), tin-opacified copper-green glaze and transparent copper-green glaze on base
Geography: al-Fustāt, Egypt
Date: c. 975-1025 AD
Period: Fatimid Period
10.7 x 11.2 x 6.8 cm
Object number: 908.21.17
Not on view
DescriptionThe applique decoration of this piece is especially appropriate to the first phase of production of tin-opacified in Egypt, from about 975-1025 AD, during the Fatimid dynasty. The feline handle, probably a lion, reflects the massive increase in figural art by potters and other artists in Egypt at this time.
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