Slip-incised ware vessel fragment (sherd) with attached trivet - 909.43.21_3


Slip-incised ware vessel fragment (sherd) with attached trivet

Medium:Ceramic (thrown earthenware) with overall slip, brown slip-paint, incision through slip, overall iron-yellow lead glaze
Geography: al-Fustāt, Egypt
Date: 14th century AD
Period: Mamluk Period
8.6 x 12.25 cm
Object number: 909.43.21
Not on view
DescriptionThis bowl fragment is one of a large group of objects collected at al-Fustat, the southern and older suburb of Cairo, Egypt, by Charles Currelly's agent in about 1905. What is significant about this object is that it is a "waster", an object completely ruined in the firing and then discarded. Hence it is evidence of production of this pottery at this site. Normally pottery production is not found within the built-up areas of the city, but by this time (the 15th century) the old part of the city seems to have been partly abandoned. Analysis of wasters enables characterisation of production at that centre, and petrographic analysis was used to characterise production at al-Fustat of ceramics made of Nile alluvium using this object.
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